hello, you lovely people and welcome back to my blog. I’m so excited for today’s post because as you can see from the thumbnail it’s going to be a smoothie recipe, I’m gonna show you how to make the best and healthiest smoothie bowl EVER which has been a new obsession lately, You can make it however you like it and add whatever ingredients you like, but this is how I like to make mine.


You will need:

  • A hand full of frozen strawberries
  • A hand full of oats
  • 1 banana
  • 1Tbs of chia seeds
  • 2 Tbs of milk 


  • Granola
  • Chia seeds
  • Coconut flakes
  • Peanut butter

How to:

you’re gonna start with adding the strawberries and the banana to the blender with 2 Tbs of milk and blend them together till it becomes a thick texture, I personally add a 2 Tbs of milk because I like the smoothie to be thick and frozen but you can add more milk if you like your smoothie to be like liquid texture, after that you’re gonna add the chia seeds, oats, peanut butter, and nuts to the blender and blend everything together wait 1 minute so the ingredients mix together properly and pour everything into your favorite bowl and decorate it with the fruit and topping that you like and enjoy it!



Stripes stripes stripes were and still one of the biggest trends this year it’s speared all over the magazines, clothing stores…so for today’s outfit, i decided to wear as many stripes as I can in one outfit. I wore this basic striped white T-shirt which I paired with black trousers that have two red lines on the side which are also a big trend this year, I throw this customized DIY jacket that has my name on it which was my recent post click here, a black sweater on the waist, my vans old skool sneakers, blue sunglasses, and last but not least I wore this Kenzo cap to spice up this outfit a little bit more. And that’s it trendy and chic.


  • T-shirt – Bershka
  • Trousers – Zara
  • Denim Jacket – Bershka
  • Sweater – H&m “The Weeknd spring icons collection”
  • Sneakers – Vans
  • Sunglasses – Dior
  • Cap – KenzoXhm





Hello friends and welcome back to my blog. This week’s post is going to be an exciting and creative one, it’s going to be my first DIY post I’m gonna show you how to combine two trendy things  at the moment which are denim and patches in one place by creating a personalized denim jacket and how you can match this jacket to your personal style and aesthetic, just like I did. and to point out that I’m not the first person to do it, there are a lot of videos, photos, and posts about it and each person creates and decorate it how he would like and to match his own personality and turn the jacket from basic and boring to trendy and chic.


You will need:

  • Denim jacket
  • Patches and pins (stuff to decorate by your own style)
  • Iron


You’re gonna start with arranging the letters or the patches that you want to put on the jacket the way you want before you start to iron them. so in case you didn’t like the way they look you can change their place. After finishing arranging everything the way you like, bring a thin piece of fabric and put it over the patch and start ironing until the patch sticks perfectly so it doesn’t come off, do the same processes over and over until you finish sticking and ironing all the patches on your jacket. and that’s it so easy and yet it will turn out so special I also added some pins on the front of the jacket that I got from Bershka for a little bit of color.


Until next time XO




Hellooo you beautiful people and welcome back to my blog. today I’m back with an outfit post which I wore at H&MxSTUDIO event last Thursday, it’s such a simple outfit yet so chic at the same time.
For this outfit I combined just two colors which are black and orange, I wore this Mandarin collar black slim shirt with black tailored trousers, and I added this dark orange jacket on top for some pop of color, and last but not least my vans old skool sneakers which are so trendy at the moment. And also I added my reflective orange Dior sunglasses to spice up the outfit a little bit.


  • collar black slim shirt: H&M
  • Black trousers: Zara
  • Jacket: Pull & Bear
  • shoes: Vans
  • Sunglasses: Dior




hello you lovely people, and welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is going to be an excited and delicious one, I’m gonna show you how to make the best Nutella hot chocolate recipe ever that you can drink and enjoy while reading a book or watching a movie while getting cozy in the last cold rainy days of winter.


What you will need:-

  • 1 cup of milk (any kind)
  • 2 spoons full of Nutella
  • whipped cream (optional)
  • cinnamon (optional)
  • marshmallow (optional)


grab a small pot and add the 1 cup of milk to it and put it on medium heat, wait for 2 minutes till it gets a little bit hot and then add the 2 spoons of Nutella chocolate to it and a dash of cinnamon if you want, after you add all the ingredients mix them all together for 1 minute until the mixture starts looking brownish, then put it on medium low for a good 2 minutes so that everything could mix better, after you finish pour the hot chocolate into a cup and decorate it the way you want with what you want, i like to decorate it with whipped cream and a lot of marshmallow and a dash of cinnamon on top and that’s it easy and delicious.





I still can’t believe that I’m actually writing this post right now, but today is an exciting and special day because as of today my blog has ben published and live on the internet for a year. Now I understand people when they say times flies when you’re having fun and doing what you love.

I just can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started this amazing journey, I remember a year ago when I was thinking of opening a blog and telling my parents and my friends about this idea, and you can’t imagine the amazing support that I got from them. And now a year later i wanna thank them so much for supporting me and pushing me to make one of the amazing decisions I have made in my life, but although I got the support and everything I need to start my journey I was scared that I’m gonna regret this decision and give up after one of two months, but it turns out that I’m more strong and passionate about this dream than I thought and been blogging not for one or two months I’ve been blogging for a whole entire year.

This whole experience changed me as a person it made more strong and confident in myself than I have ever been before, also I feel like I definitely improved in a lot of stuff, for example, my photography and writing skills are so much now. However this experience had its own struggles, I struggled with finding time to write, take photos and post more often on the blog, because I was busy with exams, studying and recently work. And I can’t just post anything to say that I post often I like to be satisfied with what I post 200%. plus there was sometimes where I felt down and uninspired to do anything but stay in bed all day. Last but not least the struggle of finding new blog post ideas which I find it something not easy at all but at last, I overcame these struggles and difficulties and never gave up which is something I’m really proud of.

To finish and summarize this post i wanna thank all of you my readers and followers from the bottom of my heart so so much for always supporting me whether it’s commenting or sending me message, it really means a lot and thank you for taking  you time to read my posts which means a lot to me. Here’s to another year, a year full of new chances, productivity, and creativity.

Thank you all again, Love you LOTS.





Music Monday / 4

And we’re back to one of my favorite posts Music Monday, it’s been a while since I posted one because it takes time to find new, good and likable music while surfing the web and create new playlists. Most of the songs in this week’s playlist are upbeat songs which are great to jam to, so I hope you enjoy this week’s playlist.



Hello gorgeous people, and welcome back to my blog. As you can see from the title today’s post is going to be my favorite iPhone apps. I’m gonna show you the apps that I use the most and that are must haves whether it’s photo editing apps, music apps, or social media apps.


  • Facetune | $5.99

Facetune is a photo editing app and my favorite editing app because it allows you to do so much in one photo and edit it in a professional way, for example removing acne, add sharpness to certain parts in the photo, and you can also white the background which has to be my favorite feature.

  • Lightroom | Free

which is also and editing app which I edit all my blog and Instagram photos with. It allows you to do a lot of editing in a photo, like brighten it, plays with the colors you can make the color darker or brighter, and other amazing features.

  • VSCO cam | Free

Is also and editing app that I always editing to add sharpness, saturation, and brightness to the photo also it has a lot of different effects that you can use too.

  • Spotify | Free

Which is a music streaming app that I use a lot and I mean a lot every day, every hour, every minute. It has LOTS of music and playlists of all genre that you can jam to nonstop.

  • Shazam | free 

Is also a must-have app for music lovers, it’s an app that recognizes any song for example I’m watching a TV show while watching a song come on and I liked it but I don’t know the name of it so I open Shazam and Shazam it, and it will tell me the name of the song and who sings it, so easy and so helpful.

  • Facebook | Free

Typical me, I mean who doesn’t have Facebook, I use Facebook most of the time for my blog page to keep my followers and readers updated on every new post (Follow Here).

  • Snapchat | Free

I mean who doesn’t love snapchat and hasn’t been obsessed with it and with playing with the silly flitters on it, I love snapchat because I can share parts of my day on there whether it’s a photo or a video. And I love to see what people like my friends, famous people that I love share too.

  • WhatsApp | Free

Which is my favorite app I use it the most because it’s an easy app to communicate with my friends, family, and my work.

  • Instagram | Free

I love Instagram because it allow me to discover and interact with new people, and I love it because you can express yourself through a photo also because I love to see people’s feed and get inspired (Follow Here)



HELLLLLLLO 2017!!! I can’t believe 2017 is already here, how has another year passed this fast, I remember writing my 2015 like it was yesterday, so today’s post is going to be 2016 favorites, I’m gonna show you a variety of things that I’ve been loving in 2016 from clothes, gadgets, music, trends, etc…


My first favorite of t, of course, ou guys my readers and followers, thanks for always supporting me specially last week the support was more than amazing after my interview with MAKO FASHION FORWARD Read Here, so i wanna thank all of you a lot for this amazing opportunity.

Canon 50mm 1.8 STM lens: I bought this lens exactly a year ago, and from then i didn’t take it off my camera it’s such an amazing lens.

DIOR SO REAL sunglasses in havana and silver: If you saw my last fashion posts you will notice that I’ve been obsessed with these sunglasses a lot, specially during summer.

Black leather backpack: I wore this backpack literally all day, every day i wore to school, shopping, work, EVERYWHERE! And becuase it’s black it suits with all colors, and it can accommodate a lot of stuff.

White sneakers: White sneakers were a big trend in 2016, so white sneakers were my go-to shoes and I’ve been wearing them a lot.

Tailored trousers: I bought one for my graduation celebration and since then i didn’t wear any other trousers, they’re comfortable and chic at the same time.

Looking for Alaska:  Is a great book written by the amazing John Green, it enthuses you to read more and more pages without even noticing.

Favorite TV Shows:

One Tree Hill

Favorite music albums:

  1. Ariana Grande – Dangerous Women.
  2. Rihanna – Anti.
  3. The Chainsmokers – Collage.
  4. Vance Joy – Dream Your Life Away.
  5. Adele – 25.
  6. Zayn – Mind Of Mine.



HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!! how has another year passed this fast before our eyes. I hope everybody had an amazing year and made the best of it. For me a lot of great things happened in 2016, I graduated high school and passed all my exams with great grades, traveled in the summer to Paris and Amsterdam, I turned 18, I opened my blog and Livethemmlife was founded, and last but not least the best thing that happened in 2016 is welcoming our 6th grandchild .

Now let’s get to the main point of this post which is new year resolutions and goals that I wanna achieve this year. On the 1st of January, i sat with myself and decided that I need to write myself some goals that I wanna fulfill in 2017. So I wrote some and placed them on this inspiration board which has a lot of things that I love and inspires me so I could see them every day and be motivated, so today I thought I would share these goals with you guys.


  • Be more active and post weekly on my blog, since I haven’t posted anything the past month.
  • Improve my photography skills.
  • learn driving, and get my driving licenses.
  • Start my university education.
  • Be healthier, eat more healthy food and less fast food.
  • Read more books, so my language gets stronger in both English and Arabic.
  • Drink more water because I always tell myself that I wanna drink more but I forget.