Hello friends and welcome back to my blog. This week’s post is going to be an exciting and creative one, it’s going to be my first DIY post I’m gonna show you how to combine two trendy things  at the moment which are denim and patches in one place by creating a personalized denim jacket and how you can match this jacket to your personal style and aesthetic, just like I did. and to point out that I’m not the first person to do it, there are a lot of videos, photos, and posts about it and each person creates and decorate it how he would like and to match his own personality and turn the jacket from basic and boring to trendy and chic.


You will need:

  • Denim jacket
  • Patches and pins (stuff to decorate by your own style)
  • Iron


You’re gonna start with arranging the letters or the patches that you want to put on the jacket the way you want before you start to iron them. so in case you didn’t like the way they look you can change their place. After finishing arranging everything the way you like, bring a thin piece of fabric and put it over the patch and start ironing until the patch sticks perfectly so it doesn’t come off, do the same processes over and over until you finish sticking and ironing all the patches on your jacket. and that’s it so easy and yet it will turn out so special I also added some pins on the front of the jacket that I got from Bershka for a little bit of color.


Until next time XO



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