Two months ago we received at Zara this white T-shirt with the Pepsi logo on it, and when I saw it, it caught my eye and I started asking my friends at work if it’s stylish, what do they think of it, should i buy it or not…and most of them answered with EW NO how you gonna wear it, if you wear it people will think that you work at the Pepsi company, so I decided to buy it and show them how I’m gonna wear it in the most stylish way!

so I wore the Pepsi T-shirt with a ripped patched jeans, wrapped a blue red shirt that matches the colors of the logo on the waist, with my white convrse, and to spice up the outfit more I decided to add some accsess, so I wore these white/silver sunglasses, and wrapped a blue bandana around my hand and a white backpack.


  • T-shirt – Zara
  • Shirt – Gap
  • Jeans – H&M
  • Sneakers – Converse
  • Sunglasses – Dior
  • Bandana – Bershka
  • Backpack – Bershka


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