HELLO HELLO HELLOOO Guys, and welcome back to my blog. I’m really excited for today’s post because I get to show you this home decor haul because as if you may know that I’m obsessed with interior design and home decor which means that I’m gonna add a new category to the blog under the name “INTERIOR“, which will include room tours, decor hauls and some other stuff related to interior and decor. I’m posting this home decor haul post because if you follow me on Instagram you have seen in my story that I now have a studio/office which I can do most of my work everything in it, take blog post photos, write, and chill. so I decided to decorate it with my own personal style, the theme of the studio/office is cozy and calm vibes which mean that the colors will be black, white, and a little bit of green.


lets start with the thing that i spend most of my money on which is pillows, if you know me and have seen my room you would be shocked at the amount of pillows on my bed, it’s like a bad habit of mine if I go to a furniture store I assure you that I will go out of the store with minimum two pillows and The next thing that I bought from Ikea is this bed side table in black, that I now have near the couch with a little fake plant on top of it.

For my coffee table decorations, I got this marble tray which totally matches the theme of the room, the second thing I bought is this black mahogany candle which smells AMAZING when I light it, the third thing I bought for my coffee table area is this white basket that I bought from Ikea which I can put every thing that I don’t use that often in and push it under the coffee table, and last but not least I bought theses rugs, I love to buy rugs because I feel that it gives the room a cozier look and vibe and it also makes it look full and not empty, I bought these white and gray ones that go with the theme of my studio/office.

Let’s start with the first thing I bought which is this white clothes hanger from IKEA that I’ve placed on the left side of my desk. in front of the desk, I’ve put this big wooden board which I’m planning to fill it with things that inspire me the most and make wake up every day with lot’s of energy and motaviation, the third thing I bought is this lamp from ikea. now for some decorations that I’ve put on my desk, I got this green print candle from h&m home and this fake plant which is the same one that I have near the sitting area which is also from Ikea.




  1. Alaaz
    August 18, 2017 / 12:06 pm

    Love it .. beautifull colours and style .. keep it up ..?

    • Livethemmlife
      August 21, 2017 / 7:38 pm

      THANKS Xx

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