hello, guys how you doing? it’s Moanes here and today I’m gonna show you what I keep in my clutch bag. So first thing first let’s talk about the clutch itself, I purchased this clutch from Zara Milan Italy and I know what you may be asking that why I bought from Italy and not from here will because one day I was scrolling down the Zara app and suddenly saw this clutch which caught my eye immediately. But the problem was that it didn’t arrive here, so when we went to Zara Milan I saw it sitting there on the shelf, and as fast as I can, I went and grabbed it. in my eyes, it’s so special because one, its black which will match all kind of outfits, and two it’s full of these studs detail on it which gives it a lot of spice up and which makes it more fashionable. 

  Now let’s talk about what I keep in my clutch.

  • NOTEBOOKI always keep a notebook with me so I can write all my ideas in it. because ideas and inspiration don’t come that easily, they come suddenly. 
  • PHONE: which I think is everyone’s bag essential. without my phone, I cant do anything because my work and job are concerning to my phone. 
  • HEADPHONES: which is also an essential whether if it’s in my clutch or backpack because I’m all the time on the road and I need to listen to my music. 
  • PHONE CHARGER: always handy, in case my phone decides to turn off. 
  • CARDHOLDER/WALLET: I have this card holder which I got from Zara that I’m obsessed with at the moment. it’s in the color red which I’m obsessed with too at the moment, the two things I like the most about this card holder is that it’s small so it fits everywhere and that it has a zipper which is so handy so I can keep all my coins in it. 
  • GLASSES/SUNGLASSES: I have both glasses and sunglasses in my clutch all the time. the first pair I have are my medicine glasses from the brand Gucci which I wear all day every day, and the second pair I have are these sunglasses from the brand Dior in case it’s sunny outside, then I will change from glasses to sunglasses. 



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