ITALY 2017

So let me take you back to 1 year ago the 12th of August 2016, leaving Amsterdam after a week full of traveling, to my sister and I already planning our next trip because the excitement and fun we had after the six days we had. Moreover, many options came to our mind, Barcelona, Italy, or Germany. However, I without a doubt wanted to visit Italy the most, because of these 3 reasons, the first one it has a lot of legendary cities, the second one because it’s a place full of fashion culture which something that my sister and I are very interested in, and the last reason because of Venice and Milan, 2 of the places that I planned the whole trip just to visit them. Now prepare yourself and grab yourself a snack, because I’m going to narrate you about every little detail about this magical journey.

Let ‘s start with the first day, the 9th of September, Saturday, Ben Gurion airport, 10 am, my sister and I waiting for our plane to come and take us so we can start our magical trip in Italy. We arrived at the airport, finished all the security procedures and left the airport on our way to Piazza Bra’, Verona which is a city square that is full of cafes, restaurants, shops, and many buildings. after we arrived there we started walking and wandering in the city square on our way to visit the Casa DI Giulietta which is the setting of Shakespeare famous novel Romeo and Juliet, it was amazing there because it like you can smell love and romance in the air, and we got to see the wall of love for the first time. After that, we walked a bit in the alleys of Verona ate, took some pics, and had a lot of fun.

The next morning we woke up, got ready, ate breakfast, and took off to start another magical day in the city of bridges, the city of masks, the city of canals, Venice, what an amazing and a peaceful place it’s full of old colorful buildings with these bridges that connects it’s two sides together and a lot of boats parked on the side. We started the day by visiting Murano and Burano, which is the home of Venice’s fabled glass workers, and it’s a place that shows you how they make the glass, all kinds of stuff that are made of glass like chandeliers, souvenirs… after that we went to a place to eat, after we finished eating we decided that we want to end our day by roaming the boats and let me tell you it was one of the best experiences ever, to roam the boat in the lanes of venice made the whole experience so much better, and throughout our water tour we passed from under the Ponte Di Rialto bridge which is one of Venice famous attractions.

On the 3rd day we went to Italy’s largest lake, lake di Garda which is located in northern Italy, but before that, we went to a place called Torbole which is part of Lake Garda, and my first impression was WOW! It was such a breathtaking view, seeing the lake with all the buildings surrounding it was MAGICAL. Meanwhile, we wandered in the area and saw some of its famous places. After that, we went to Riva Del- Garda which is another part of Lake Garda that is full of cafes, shops, and buildings, while we’re there, we walked in the streets of Riva del Garda, ate some ice cream and enjoyed the view. After that, we went to Riva Del Garda’s square to see the Torre Apponale which is a historic building in the center of Riva Del –Garda, after that we went and sat down behind the lake and enjoyed the view for the last time before leaving. Then to finish our day the best way we went to the mall and did some shopping.

Here comes the next day which is the day I was excited for the most, because it was the day we went to the city of fashion, Milan. But before that we had another place to visit, we went to Lake Lugano which is situated between southern Switzerland and northern Italy. We arrived there, and our first stop was the Chiesa Santa Maria Degli Angeli church, it was such a great experience to learn about other religions customs and traditions. Then we strolled in the streets of Lugano, did some shopping, and head out to Milan. We arrived, and I just couldn’t believe my eyes, the architecture and design are out of this world it’s such a spectacular place, that every time I look up to the sky, I could see the Duomo up there outstanding the blue skies. After 10 minutes taking pictures and staring at the Duomo, we went to visit Galleria- Vittorio Emanuele II which is the world’s oldest shopping mall, and what a spectacular place the design, the architecture, all of the trapping and the small details surrounding the building is just ON POINT.

On the 5th day of our trip, we went to visit the Dolomites which is a mountain range located in northeastern Italy, and they are part of the Alps. The first thing we did after we arrived was taking the aerial tramway so it could take us to the top so we can see the Dolomites mountains by close. After we arrived at the top and saw the view, I thought that I saw a painting in front of me, because the view was unbelievable. It was the Dolomites mountains covered in ice surrounded by green trees and blue skies. Then after we finished enjoying the view, we went to this restaurant nearby which is facing the marvelous view which makes you feel peaceful and relaxed while enjoying your meal. And to finish the day the right way we went to Lago Di Carezza which is a lake in the Dolomites, which is also without exaggeration looks like a piece of art. and while we’re there, we ate strudel which is one of the desserts they are famous for, which I highly recommend.

On the next day, we went to visit three places we started out with Mantua which is a city in Lombardy Italy, and the first place we went to was the Basilica of Sant Andrea church and again I just can’t get enough of the all the design, colorful trappings, candles, and architecture it’s just amazing. And after that, we walked in the street market a bit and bought some souvenirs. The second place we went to is Borghetto Sul Mincio which is a village in the province of Verona which is known as one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. We didn’t do anything special there. We just wandered in the village and explored some of it. And the last place we went to is Sirmione which is located in south lake Garda, and I gotta admit I think it was my favorite place out of these 3 places because it was the most one full of life, we did the most there we ate, took photos and ate the biggest ice cream ever.

For the last day of our trip, my sister and I decided to go to Milan one more time before we leave, because we just couldn’t get enough of this amazing place. And I must say that it was the most adventurous day of the whole trip because we got to travel by trains and metros which I always thought was the hardest thing to do, but it turned out to be so much easier than I thought it would be. And like the last time, we went to Duomo because it’s one of these places that you can’t get enough. Then to finish our last day the best way, we went to Milan’s most famous shopping streets to do some shopping and treat our selves for all the hard work this year.


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