HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!! Say hello to 2018, to fresh starts, and to new chances. I’m so excited to begin a new year #NEWYEARSAMEME. So the first post of 2018 will be the highlights of my 2017 and let me tell you I think it’s one of the best years yet. Because first I have changed a lot in a good way I’m more confident in myself I’m wiser, and I’m independent, second, I achieved a lot of things this year which you will see through this post.

Let ‘s start with the 14th of January when mako fashion forward published an article about me and my blog (Read Here) which was one of the best opportunities to get, even though I got some hate on it yet it was such a great opportunity. Which gave me the chance to meet new people, especially bloggers, and to get invited to more events.

My sister and I going to TLV fashion week which was one of the most exciting things that I ever experienced.

The 4th one which I think was one of the reasons that this year is one of the best yet. It’s the day I started my job at Zara which was one the best decisions this year because it opened a lot of doors and opportunities for me, taught me a lot of things, and gave me the chance to meet new amazing people. In addition to that, it gave me a lot of self-confidence which is a big thing to me that I think was missing.

Growing one year here on Livethemmlifeblog. (Read Here)

Let’s not forget all the astonishing events that my sister and I got invited to.


Getting promoted at work to be a visual merchandiser a something that did change me a lot and affected me in the best ways possible and I’m so grateful to be one of the few people to be chosen and to be given the opportunity to attend the visual merchandising course which was such an exceptional experience.

Seeing Justin Bieber live and going to his purpose tour which was one of the best days that year it was terrific. (Read Here)

Getting wiser and independent by turning 19.

And last but not least My sister and I Traveling to Italy which was one of the best trips ever we had so much fun. (Read Here)




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